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It brings a fresh new look, cleaner, with several submarine options. Make it personal, unique & express yourself. This photo frame contact widget perfect for the ❤ trendy and stylish you.

A picture frame widget which shows random pictures from your phone. Set your beautiful photo's in Ohiye Photo Frames designed with Submarines theme. There is 9 different lovely design photo frames that you can choose from. ♥ Enjoy your favourite pictures of loved ones display with this cute photo frame. You can use the "One Touch" photo frame to quick dial to your ✭ favourite contact.


Awesome, unique and efficient, only one-click.


This cute photo frame widget consist of the following useful functionality:

【★★ ★ Photo Slider - Full photo frames apps】

※ The photo frame widget consist a pack of multiple photo frames is a fun little widget that you can display your photo almost each time you look on your phone screen! There is multiple use to this photo frame. This picture frame allows you to insert your precious pictures. You can use it to display multiple photos. And/or you can use to tap to do a quick dial to your favourite contacts.

Select your favourite photo from your gallery of someone you love, then frame them in a cute submarine photo frame to have them always be with you on the home screen. You can select a photo from your image gallery and zoom in/out then cut the area you want to set for the photo frame widget.

✔ More than 1 photo in 1 frame.

✔ Nice design

✔ Support multiple photos with transition

✔ It's a resizable widget! You can long press it and use the "resize" option to change the size.

✔ Download more frames easily.

✔ Option to display only the contacts with photo;

✔ Configuration for the default action (quick view of actions / open contacts / call directly / send SMS)

✔ Suitable for all android devices and tablets

【 ★ ★ ★ Quick Dial - make you contact your favourite friends just directly on home screen】

Certain people frequently contact you. E.g, Your lover, a friend, a family or a company. It is a quick dial Widget or speed dial widget - Call your contacts in 1 tap. The photo frame also supports one touch action for direct dial, send sms and view contact's profile. The photo frame on the home screen allows you to start communicating contacts directly without opening the contacts app. It allow quick contact to be set quickly to mail and telephone for only a certain person.

Let your contacts at the touch of your fingertips. This call widget gives a beautiful way to get your favourite contacts on your screen. It has several configuration options for choice of several actions when contact was selected to display them on screen.

You can customise the quick touch to

- making a phone call, or

- sending a message, You can make the SMS as soon as tap on the photo frame or

- Opening the contact directory to viewing their info

◇-◆ Instructions - Visit us at www.facebook.com/the.ohiye for support

☆ This is a widget program, You won't find any icon for this widget in your app list. You can add it by long press on the home screen, and then choose "Widgets" from the pop-up menu. Make sure you have enough room for the widget.

1. Choose "Widgets", and then "Ohiye Cute Photo Frame Contact"

2. Select a frame you like

3. Select a photo, Adjust position and size of your photo


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