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AFlappy Sperm is casual game very fun.

Game is war between you and sperms, you must control ship to kill sperms.

AFlappy Sperm|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

*** How to play:

Press arrow button on screen to control your ship and fire button to shoot

AFlappy Sperm|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

*** Background of the Game

The competitive environment of procreation has made sperm become terribly aggressive over the years.

AFlappy Sperm|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

According to a study, when sperm from another male is added to semen, over 50% of it will be attacked and killed within 15 minutes.

Mixing sperms of different males will cause some sperms to create a net-like structure to prevent other sperms from moving forward.

AFlappy Sperm|玩動作App免費|玩APPs

If that is not enough, they even launch a brutal attack on their opponents by piercing holes in their bodies using acrosomal enzymes.

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