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The ANT+ Plugins enable other apps to communicate with millions of ANT+ enabled devices. These other applications which utilize the plugins will allow you to do things such as collect, transfer, and view your sport, health, and fitness data in real time. New apps, devices, and profiles are continually being developed, with endless opportunity for personal monitoring and other low-power communication applications.The current version of the plugins supports the following ANT+ profiles:-Bike Power: Receive power data from ANT+ cycling power meters. Includes seamless support for all power meter types and the new advanced data sent from meters such as the Garmin Vector-Audio, Video, and Generic Controls profiles: Send and Receive control data with remote controls (IE: use a remote control watch app to control your MP3 player or camera)-Heart Rate: Receive live heart rate data from heart rate straps produced by many popular manufacturers-ANTFS Watch downloader utility: Download saved activities from ANTFS enabled watches-Bike Speed and Cadence: Receive live bike speed, distance, and/or cadence data-Blood Pressure: Download saved measurement data from blood pressure devices-Stride-based Speed and Distance Monitor: Receive live speed and distance data from footpods-Fitness Equipment: Connect to ANT+ enabled fitness equipment to receive live workout data-Geocache: Search for and receive/send data with remote devices such as the Garmin Chirp-Weight Scale:

ANT+ Plugins|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

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