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Amtel ( MDM -Mobile Device Management is the first in its class integrated solution to provide mobile security and expenses management for corporate & BYOD users. It is a free mobile application but it needs corporate console for activation. Please contact your IT administrator after downloading the App.Amtel MDM solution minimizes corporate and personal liability risks through remote device management. The system provides over-the-air provisioning and password policy implementation consistent with organization security. It also allows restriction of web access, downloading of apps, and enabling/disabling certain device features to ensure proper usage. Remote wipe and lockout removes rogue apps and prevents compromise of corporate networks.• Remote OTA Provisioning• Password policy• Wi-Fi, Certificates• Device Statistics: IMEI, SIM, Network information, Running processes, Battery, memory, RAM, Platform Name, Version, Device Name• Role based profile settings• Detect compromised devices• Browser & Websites restrictions• Features restrictions (camera etc)• Remote wipe (full, selective)• Remote lock, reset password• Recommended market apps• Restrict apps • In-house enterprise apps• Share documents & files• Lost Device Tracking• International roaming alerts• SIM change alert• Usage Reporting for Voice, data, text• Broadcast Text/SMS/Push message• Gateway for email managementNote: Please contact your IT administrator to get your User ID & Activation password in order to start using this App.

Amtel MDM|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

Amtel MDM|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

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