Android Wear Circle Free|玩不用錢生產應用App

Android Wear Circle Free|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

This is the replacement version of Google Android Wear zooper free. This is a free version of the app that I made with the basic lay out for Android Circle Zooper the paid version. This free version of android circle Zooper is limited to just a time date temperature, battery percent, and no saving. In Android Circle Zooper you have dynamic weather background, Google Now weather style icons on the status bar, time, date, battery, a Google Now shortcut, and saving your own tweaks.How to install:-download and install zooper widget pro 2.38 or above-download and install Android Wear Circle Free by Gtaguitar7596- Add a Zooper widget to your home screen (via long press on home screen if you are using a launcher or via app drawer if you're on stock ROM)- When Zooper widget skins list pops up, choose Android Wear Circle Free

Android Wear Circle Free|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

Android Wear Circle Free|玩生產應用App免費|玩APPs

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