AngleCam Lite - 각도 카메라|玩不用錢攝影App

AngleCam Lite - 각도 카메라|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

  AngleCam는 과학 카메라입니다. 이는 GPS 정보 (위도, 경도, 고도 및 정확도 포함), 피치 각도 및 방위각 조합. 또한 AngleCam 메시지를 남길 수 있고, 사진에 함께 모든 정보를 넣어.


자세한 내용은 다음 문서를 참조하십시오. [2016년 6월; 영어]

AngleCam Lite - 각도 카메라|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs


■ The difference between "AngleCam Lite" and "AngleCam (Pro)":

(1) AngleCam Lite is free.

(2) AngleCam Lite has a "Powered by AngleCam" text in photographs' bottom right corner.

AngleCam Lite - 각도 카메라|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

(3) The maximum photo size of AngleCam Lite is only 2048x1536 pixels.

(4) Both are ad-free.

※ Special case: If you install or update "AngleCam Lite" and open it to use between 20/06/2016 and 20/07/2016, "AngleCam Lite" has the same feature as "AngleCam Pro" until 31/12/2016.


AngleCam Lite - 각도 카메라|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs


Attention: If you cannot install this application, it means your mobile device doesn't have an accelerometer sensor or a magnetometer sensor. You may be interested in another application which is called "NoteCam." However, NoteCam doesn't include pitch angle information, azimuth angle information, and a horizontal line.

AngleCam Lite - 각도 카메라|玩攝影App免費|玩APPs

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AngleCam Lite - 각도 카메라玩免錢App

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