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Android device threats have grown tremendously in the past few years, so it's important for mobile users to stay vigilant and install protections for mobile security.

Security to go: Three tips to keep your mobile data safe .... During its most recent look at Android security apps in July, well-known security apps

Security policy and Android devices

Anti Virus Android|玩新聞App免費|玩APPs

From locking your smartphone with a pin to installing an Android security app, these steps will help keep your information protected.

If you're one of the growing number of Android owners on campus, you need basic information on keeping your device secure from hacks and data theft.

Anti Virus Android|玩新聞App免費|玩APPs

We recommend that you become familiar with Stanford's guidelines for securing mobile devices.

Anti Virus Android|玩新聞App免費|玩APPs

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