Arashi (嵐) Guess The Word Game|玩不用錢益智App

Arashi (嵐) Guess The Word Game|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

Arashi (嵐) Guess The Word Game is a game that will hone your knowledge about members and songs of Arashi. In this game you will meet some levels where each level has 4 pictures that you have to guess who the members of Arashi in the picture, but of course if only guessing the members of Arashi would be very easy, that's why there is an additional level that requires you to guess the song's title of Arashi based on a combination of 4 pictures.

Arashi (嵐) Guess The Word Game|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

This game is designed specifically for all Arashi's Fans. I was one among thousands of Arashi's Fans. Well, if you confess the number one fan then you should download and try to play this game!!!

Arashi (嵐) Guess The Word Game|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

If you want more levels, do not hesitate to request it. I'll be happy to update this game just for you!

Arashi (嵐) Guess The Word Game|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

Arashi (嵐, literally Storm) is a popular Japanese idol group consisting of five members formed under the Johnny's Entertainment talent agency. The group was officially formed on September 15, 1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii and made their debut CD on November 3, 1999. The group was initially signed to Pony Canyon and released one studio album and six singles—beginning with their 1999 eponymous debut single before moving to the Johnny's subsidiary label J Storm in 2001, which was initially set up for their succeeding releases. While their debut single debuted atop the Oricon weekly chart selling a little over half a million copy, the group subsequently faced slowly declining sales.

Arashi (嵐) Guess The Word Game|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

With the release of their eighteenth single "Love So Sweet", Arashi began gaining commercial success as "Love So Sweet" was used as the opening theme song for the high-rating drama Hana Yori Dango 2, making it one of the top five best-selling singles of 2007 in Japan and the group's first single to exceed 400,000 copies sold overall in nearly seven years. For the next two years, Arashi gained a number of achievements and records as they became the first artist to place the top two rankings on the Oricon singles yearly chart for two consecutive years with their singles "Truth/Kaze no Mukō e" and "One Love" in 2008 and "Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei" and "Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon (Kimi wa Muteki)" in 2009, simultaneously topped the 2009 Oricon singles, album and music DVD yearly charts, and became the third artist in Oricon history to monopolize the top three best-selling singles of the year. In 2010, all six of Arashi's singles ranked within the top ten of the Oricon singles yearly chart, and their million-selling studio album Boku no Miteiru Fūkei was named the best-selling album of the year in Japan. Guts! is their newest single.

Arashi (嵐) Guess The Word Game|玩益智App免費|玩APPs


This is an Unoffcial Game of Arashi. This Game is Fans App inspired by Arashi.

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