Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩不用錢社交App

Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩社交App免費|玩APPs



client for


is now in Android with exciting new features.

The 10 Unique features that are not in any other omegle client,


Custom Rules

to Disconnect your partner and search again for next

Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩社交App免費|玩APPs


Custom Templates

, Omegle prank videos and Omegle public chat logs


Run in background

, so you can multitask while chatting, and also set the rules and run in background until you find the right match. No more staring at the screen till you get the right match.

Notification via vibrate and sound while running in background


Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

'Screen Always On'

mode, so no need to switch on the screen everytime.


Night Mode

(Third party app, twilight which is the BEST to use mobiles in night)

6. Simplest and Neat Single Screen UI, just swipe to set the settings.



during chat

Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

8. Shake or Swipe to connect or disconnect



likes included

10. Long press to Copy messages

11. Pick interests based on location,language etc..

Smart Find (beta):


Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

Set the rules and sit back, the app will find the best match for you

Possible cases,

a. Set the rule 'Message Length' to greater than 20 or 30 and set 'auto reconnect' so any bot messages will be disconnected automatically.

b. Set the rule 'Contains' to 'm,male,guy' to disconnect guys automatically and reconnect again

c. Girls can disconnect any horny guys, by setting these rules, 'Contains' to 'sexy,horny'

d. Set the rules and set 'Auto Reconnect' and run the app to background, the app will notify you when it finds possible match.

No more staring at the screen till you get the right match.

The possibilities are endless.

Planned Features:

Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩社交App免費|玩APPs


1. Scheduler, Send a reminder to your partner to connect to omegle with unique interest at the specified time to connect to you.

2. Connect or Reconnect from notifications

3. More RULES

4. Automated Messages.

5. Omegle Video chat

Since the app is ad free, the app will be updated with the PLANNED features only if I get POSITIVE support from the users, So please support by giving positive rating, if you find any issues or any suggestions please mail @

Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

Lets make this a better omegle client together.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial client for omegle and not affliated to omegle

Auto Omegle (with Smart Find)|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

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