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This app allows you to send fast notifications about your current location by email or text messages.

Main features:

* Live Tile to activate the location finding, presenting the count of notifications made in the last 24 hours, a map thumbnail showing the last location notified with a HERE map (or the current location if no locations have been notified)

* Uses Geocoding to establish the name/description of the phone’s current location.

* Prompts the user to select the recipients of the location message from their contacts or enter recipients’ email or phone number.

Bartq ImHere|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

* Creates an SMS or email containing the location’s coordinates and geocoded location details.

* Customizable message templates.

* Utilizes HERE Maps and works on Windows Phone 8.

* Employs Fast App Switching.

* Includes all three sizes of Live Tiles.

* Supports ALL Windows Phone 8 screen resolutions.

Bartq ImHere|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

- added Vserv ad option in taskbar

- wp 8.1 upgrade, changes in gps interface that was marked obsolete

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