Battle videobloggers|玩不用錢體育競技App

Battle videobloggers|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

Here is a unique game of boxing with videobloggerami.

You should choose your vloggera and vlogera enemy.

Simple dimensional cartoon box with a simple control is waiting for you.

You are waiting for such famous videoblogery:

- A lover of beer and shavermy Yuri Khovanskii

Battle videobloggers|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

- King of good and positive Sergei Simonov

- Traveler Mihalich, aka Eugene Panteleykin

- A Siberian peasant Dmitry Shilov

- Dad Vanomas

- Nyashnye strimersha Karina

Battle videobloggers|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

- Maynkrafter Azlagor

- I will add new videoblogers!

Soon, the game will be added to the new popular video bloggers.

The game will appeal not only to fans of the bloggers, but also for the haters who want to beat any blogger to throw out your negativity.

Would recommend this game, the more videobloggerov learn about it, the more the game will be new videoblogerov.

Battle videobloggers|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

Funny Boxing with celebrities is waiting for you!

The game is free.

Battle videobloggers|玩體育競技App免費|玩APPs

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