-------------------------------------★ A story about LOVE.

★ Love is the warmest and most beautiful.--------------------------------------?

STORY OVERVIEW:Once upon a time, a rich merchant had three daughters, and the youngest one was the most beautiful. One day he came to a garden and wanted to pick up a rose for her little daughter and displeased the owner of the garden, a beast. The youngest daughter went to the garden but found out the secret of the beast… -------------------------------------?

BRIEF INTRODUCTION:-------------------------------------Brand-new Reading Experience!More Than a Digital Book!AppleTreeBooks? has been inviting some of the best illustrators from across the world to create illustrated stories for us. Our exquisite pictures, vivid narration together with delicate animation and interactive features would bring you and your children brand new reading experience. Our stories have been carefully selected, including well-known classic fairy tales and new original stories. You will be indulged with the options of such a big variety, which will be continuously added to. Anywhere, anytime you and your kids can always enjoy your favorite illustrated stories with AppleTreeBooks?. Have fun reading!?


FEATURES:-------------------------------------★ Kids can easily switch the language between Chinese and English;

★ Beautiful illustrations provide vivid images for kids;

★ Kids can record story by their own and listen to it.

★ The Sleeping Mode allows kids to enjoy listening to the story with soft music and fall asleep in a warm mood.★ Our online bookshelf enables you to access published and pre-published books at any time. ?


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