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Best Classic Hangman|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

Best Classic Hangman

We have prepared for you a special - classic version of hangman in 10 languages:

- english - german - polish

- french - hungarian - greek

- spanish - slovak - italy

Best Classic Hangman|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

- filipino

Guess the hidden phrases by selecting letters. Each incorrect letter is one element of the hangman.


- One Player

Select a category (or all) and guess random phrases. You have one hint for every phrase.

Best Classic Hangman|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

Select the level of difficulty.

- Two players

Play with a friend. Think up a phrase for your opponent. You can draw phrases too, until you find the one that you like. The winner is the one who guesses more phrases.


Geography – check if you know names of the countries and cities.

Best Classic Hangman|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

Food – if you love cooking – this category is just for you!

Music – for those who like both classic and popular music.

Film - movies are your passion? How well do you know the movies, actors and directors? Test yourself!

Animals – wild, domestic, small, big – guess all of them!

Plants – many names of common and rare species.

Best Classic Hangman|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

Sport – check your knowledge about sports disciplines

Look – everything connected with clothes and people’s appearance.

Art – architecture, painting – for those who have artistic soul!

Have a lot of fun with our version of hangman!

Best Classic Hangman|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

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