Blossom Crush|玩不用錢解謎App

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

Blossom Crush is a addictive match 3 game! It's a best new flower blast game!

Play game to relax with many stunning graphics and effects set in beautiful gardens in the sky.

Just blast the blossom by your finger to create blossom blast or blossom mania.

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

Gameplay is simple match 3 game like bejeweled classic game, but once you play, you will find it very challenge.

Objectives differ in over many levels. Each level is an amazing puzzle. Go step a level you explore a puzzle of flower mania. Many many new crazy puzzles are created from Awesome Blossom.

It's time to enjoy blossom game now! A blossom paradise is waiting!

How to play Blossom Crush

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

● Swipe to match 3 or more blossoms

● Blast 4 flowers in a line to create sugar blast line

● Blast 5 flowers in T or L group to create blossom boom

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

● Blast 5 blossoms in a line to create flower power, it's king of flowers mania

● Combine 2 special blossoms to make a big blossom pop

● Make large sugar jam to generate boosters

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

● Collect fruit jellies to the saga

Features of Blossom Crush game

● Tons of blossom king levels in blossom paradise

● Fantastic wonderland for beautiful journey

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

● Multiple game goals: Target Score, Timed Levels, Drop Down Mode and Order Mode

● Stripe items, package and colorful bomb bonuses

● So challenge by many obstacles

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

● Visual and sounds effects

● Stunning graphics and effects: blast mania, blossom splash, sugar bomb explosion

● Play blossom mania With Your Friends & Family!

Match your way through bee-autiful gardens full of colorful buds! Make the buds bloom to clear the flowerbeds before you run out of moves! Happy Blossom! Think carefully before matching to create more boosters as possible.

Boosters of game

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

● Extra blossom splash: give +5 extra moves

● Extra blossom hop: give +30 extra seconds

● Blossom blast: destroy all flavor flowers on a puzzle row

Blossom Crush|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

● Blossom boom: destroy 8-cell square around

● Flower power: crush & jam all yummy flowers have same type, king of blossom blast!

Download Blossom Crush now to start your saga!

Don't forget to leave a review and let us know what you think! Thank you so much!

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