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Blossom Flower Garden|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

Download Blossom Flower Legend for free for flower linking fun!

Link your way through full of colorful flowers and buds. Make the buds bloom to achieve goals before you run out of moves!

Blossom Flower Legend is a newest match 3 game of flowers theme. Link 3 or more buds of the same color to clear up them and then you will be filled with sweet flowers. Blossom Flower Legend takes you on a awesome and amazing puzzle&casual game of hundreds of levels, you need to collect all the buds through the winter, remove obstacles to greet spring. Become a flower chasing butterflies and bees.

Collect buds and flowers to build your own dream garden pandora Paradise and get awesome blossom. Of course you need a skill of flower craft. We look forward to fruition, you will be flavor of legends. Blossom Match Fever is completely free to play and you can get free diamonds in the game. Match fever bloom trip is coming.

☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆

● Easy and fun to play, classic Match-3 game, challenging to master.

Blossom Flower Garden|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

● Effects set in beautiful gardens and stunning graphics on your blossom trip.

● Link 3 or more flower to clear up and get high score.

● 150 challenging levels to achieve the target.

Blossom Flower Garden|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

● Two special crops met a boom crops can bring a special effect, more surprise need for you to discover.

☆☆☆ How to Play ☆☆☆

● Switch and match 3 or more flowers across the saga land.

● Use more props to trim more blossoms.

Blossom Flower Garden|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

● Achieve the target score to win the levels.

● Match 4 same crops in a line to create blast line, you will get a special crop which can eliminate all the blossoms in a whole line or row.

● Two special crops meet a boom crops can bring a special effect.

Blossom Flower Garden|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

● Use props to trim more flowers.

● Share to Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and play with friends!

Have a good sweet trip of boom.

Blossom Flower Garden|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

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