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At Bodytransformations Studio we pride ourselves in having the best Personal Trainers, making our classes the hardest, fastest, most enjoyable Fitness Classes around.

Each of our Personal Trainers has a selection of classes each week. Click on their profile to see their individual timetables.

In addition to classes you can choose to have a Personal Training session with your Trainer. Personal Training is a great way to train as you are being motivated individually and the work out is planned just for you, helping you use the muscles you need to work on. Personal Training is perhaps the most effective way to train.

Kick start your healthy regime with our 6 week Bodytransformation. 6 weeks of intense training and healthy diet. During your 6 weeks you get to attend any amount of classes with any trainers, this is great way of ‘trying out’ each of our classes. This programme is for a wide range of levels of fitness, so talk to us today about our 6 week Bodytransformations. The results from this are amazing – check out our 6 week Bodytransformation Results page, you will be amazed by the success stories. Click this link to find more info on our 6 week Bodytransformations.

If you are new to our gym why not attend a few different classes to see what you are comfortable with. We have a walk in fee of €10, just rock up and join in. Once you are in the swing of things you can choose your favorite trainer and go to as many of their classes as you like, this costs €50 per month. We have no joining or start up fee so it’s easy to come and go when you like. No more long term gym memberships payments where you spend every month but never step inside the gym. With our gym you pay as you want to use it and once you start you will always want to use it.

Body Transformations Studio|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

Body Transformations Studio|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

Body Transformations Studio|玩健康App免費|玩APPs

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