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This is app that provides the contents of business spoken Japanese. The application lists the detailed sentences about how to express in each occasion, such as from the greeting, reception, statement of opinion, to commercial negotiation. And it's purpose is to help users make use of fragments of time to learn business Japanese and draw inferences about other cases from one instance through repeated practice.

This application applies to senior Japanese learner. You can learn all content systematically, also can just learn the relevant sections for emergency use.

Ten minutes every day, Speak fluent Business Japanese,Don't you want to try it?

The program provides the following contents:

第1章 あいさつと励ましの言葉

第2章 呼称と丁寧語

第3章 指示と依頼

第4章 謝罪と弁明

第5章 相談とアドバイス

第6章 意見と申し出

第7章 受付での応対

第8章 応接室での応対

第9章 商談の進め方

第10章 商談の断り方

第11章 催促と抗議

第12章 ビジネス電話と伝言


1.Provide example sentence of business spoken Japanese

2.Favorites function

3.Add the comment on the example sentence.

Available languages:

* English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Japanese

Recent changes:

version 0.81

second release

Content rating: Low Maturity

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