C6's World Club Championship|玩不用錢運動App

C6's World Club Championship|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

The official C6’s World Club Championship app gives you full tournament coverage of all the action including draws, live scores, official video and match highlights, ball by ball commentary, notifications, exclusive video and much more.

C6's World Club Championship|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

We encourage you to make use of all functions and features, engage with fellow competitors and be sure to send us your feedback.

C6's World Club Championship|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

• Sports cam! You won’t miss any of the action with our built in camera. Send us your action pictures, they may end up in our photo gallery!

• Direct access to division draws, matches and current results etc…

• Player History

• Stay updated with instant notifications

C6's World Club Championship|玩運動App免費|玩APPs

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