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Our Guiding Principles are the characteristics the Lord looks for in His church as defined in His Word:

To be a Christian fellowship that has loving concern for one another and for the lost

To be faithful to the Word of God

To be a place where "His flock" is fed the Word of God and the people are coming into a knowledge of God and into an intimate relationship with the Lord by being born again by the Spirit of God and being taught how to walk in the Spirit and how to walk in love with Jesus, the Lord of their lives.

Church government at Calvary Chapel is very simple, not a complex bureaucracy. Committees and sub-committees are essentially non-existent. Basically, at Calvary Chapel we believe that the pastor is responsible for the church, responsible to hear from God, and responsible to feed and love His people faithfully. The pastor guides the church as he is lead by the Holy Spirit, and we trust God to put pastors where He wants them to be. Elders are appointed in the larger churches to help the pastor care for the spiritual needs of the congregation.

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