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The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary provides definitions for about 170,000 words, phrases and examples and is compiled to offer what learners need most in a dictionary.

The Third Edition offers new, up-to-date vocabulary (e.g. sex up, speed-dating, whiteboard), new 'mini-collocation' boxes, and new frequency information to highlight the most important words to learn. The new Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary gives you everything you need to learn English and pass exams!

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

Bang Up-to-date and Easy to Use

* References to over 170,000 words, phrases and examples explained in clear and natural English

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

* All the important new words that have come into the language (e.g. dirty bomb, lairy, 9/11, clickable)

* Over 200 'Common Learner Error' notes, based on the Cambridge Learner Corpus from Cambridge ESOL exams

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

* Only words from a defining vocabulary used to help make definitions easy to understand

* Over 90,000 examples, mainly full sentences, show you how English is used in context and help you write natural English.

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

* 25,000 collocations show the way words work together in English

A search tool

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

Featuring various search options to help you find the words you need more easily, including:

* A quick search of words while you type

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

* A 'fuzzy filter' for when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word

* A 'keyword' search for finding key words within phrasal verbs

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

* A wild card search facility which can replace a letter or a group of letters

A learning tool

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

The dictionary app includes a number of features which help you to expand your vocabulary further:

* A 'Favourites' feature allows you to create your own categories and lists of words

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

* Your last visited words are all saved in your 'History', so that you can quickly look back at recently checked words

* Discover a new word every day with the 'Daily' feature

Cambridge Advanced Learners|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

* Ability to have dictionary Word of the Day as a widget on the device home screen

* See words in context with example sentences

* Online and offline modes supported; the offline mode allows you to download the whole dictionary and work independently from data connections

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