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This app (version 1.1) is a campsite guide with more than 11,000 campsites in France.

The following search options are available:

Camping France|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

1. List campsites within a department

2. Find campsites by;

2.1. Campsite name

Camping France|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

2.2. Place name

2.3. Postal code

3. Locate 30 campsites on the map near;

Camping France|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

3.1. your current location

3.2. your specified location

3.3. any location on the map (hold on the map)

Camping France|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

You can set a filter with selection criteria that will help you to focus the search results and you can set the way that the results are to be sorted.

Camping France|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

On the page of the selected campsite additional information is shown along with a map showing the location of the campsite. Once you have indicated your location on this map you may get the directions to the campsite. Ratings from campers that have stayed on the campsite are, when available, obtained from the website

You can add a campsite to the favourites on the page of the individual campsite. An overview of the selected favourites is available from the app bar on the home page. You can access details about your favourite campsites while you are not connected to the internet (data connection off and no WiFi) and get directions from your location to the campsite while you are not connected to the Internet, provided that you have downloaded the applicable maps on your windows phone.

Camping France|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

1) GPS annotation adjusted for longitude (west)

2) Update selection on card after adjusting filter

3) Filter now inactive when search by name

Camping France|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

4) Search by part of name

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