Chaos in Train|玩不用錢街機App

Chaos in Train|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

A one­-way highway to retro side­scrolling mayhem!

Alonso a "Bounty Hunter" is on his way to collect bounties and get on a locomotive packed with assassins, criminals, tech robots and the boss "Bad Ass Drek". Alonso need to kill all the assassins & criminals, to get to the Boss. There he has to defeat Drek to get his first Bounty.

Chaos in Train|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

★★★★★ Features:

>> Retro side­scrolling gameplay with explosive action.

Chaos in Train|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

>> Amazing action and deadly enemies.

>> Face the level boss at the end of each level.

Chaos in Train|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

>> Change the weapon of Mass Destrution by collecting weapon changer.

>> Destroy as much as possible to get the highest score

Chaos in Train|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

>> Share Your Awesomeness Globally Using Scoreloop.

Chaos in Train|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

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