City Maps - Havana|玩不用錢旅遊App

City Maps - Havana|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

City Maps - Havana

City Maps are a collection of offline maps that you can download on to your device. You do not need a data connection to view the map and so it can be used abroad without experiencing additional charges or where there is no signal.

City Maps - Havana|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs


Offline city map

Zoom in to street level

City Maps - Havana|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

Fully search enabled

Show and track your GPS position

Many points-of-interest

Easy to use interface

City Maps - Havana|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

When you purchase and install a City Map, a large map is download onto your device which can be navigated by using pinch-to-zoom and finger panning. The map includes many useful points-of-interest such as restaurants, hotels, ATM machines, shops, stations, bars, cafés, etc. It also includes a search feature which helps you find streets and points-of-interest.

City Maps - Havana|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

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