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Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs


My name is VICTORIA!

I am your personal coach to improve your memory, attention, reaction speed, decision-making, flexibility, multitasking, and many other important skills!

Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

Training with me is easy, interesting and funny

There is the opinion that brain needs training as much as muscles)

Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

With my help, you will be able to improve your potential easily. It is enough to devote a few minutes a day to me) This will not only maintain your memory in a good shape but also will improve it to the all-time high!

Besides, you will become much more attentive and confident)

Important thing is not be lazy, and I'll take care of everything else!

Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

Training with me has no restrictions; people of all ages can train with me.

I suggest you several categories of exercises, namely:

Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

✓ Memory

✓ Attention

✓ Speed

Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

✓ Decision-making

✓ Flexibility and multitasking

Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

You can choose exercises and train as you like, you can entrust me the choice of exercises and I will select the most optimal tasks for YOU every day!

I also made sure that in the process of your training you could feel as comfortable as possible, that is why I removed the advertising and everything that could distract or bother you from this application.

More games for memory, games for brain and useful exercises coming soon!

Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

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I wish you success in all!

Coach Memory|玩教育App免費|玩APPs

Remember - the possibilities of your brain are limitless!

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