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CoinCalc Singapore Edition allows you to easily calculate the value of all those Singporean coins you have lying around. Simply tap on the coins to add them to the total value.Other features:• Individual count displays for each coin• Count retained in memory even when exiting application• Sound indicates when a coin is added (can be muted)• Add either 1 coin at a time or 10 coins at once• $2 and $5 notes also includedSearch for CoinCalc to view the other versions including:• CoinCalc Loose Change Calculator - multiple currencies• CoinCalc US Edition• CoinCalc Hong Kong Edition• CoinCalc Euro Edition• CoinCalc UK Edition• CoinCalc Canada Edition• CoinCalc Australia Edition• CoinCalc New Zealand Edition• CoinCalc Denmark Edition• CoinCalc Sweden Edition• CoinCalc Singapore Edition

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