Get in position,aim, shoot and score!

Earn applause, prizes, gold coins and cheerleaders!

A different basketball experience

A Unique interactive game

Shoot basketballs in interesting backgrounds, overcome different obstacles and challenges and move to higher levels.



1. The advanced physical engine will allow you to simulate a real-live basketball experience

2. Awesome background music and sound effects

3. A street basketball game where you can break away from the traditional rules and play to the beat of the music

4. Just play with your finger and your senses. Use your finger to aim, change direction or force and shoot. The obstacle mode lasts 60 sec. and the challenge mode lasts 90 sec.

5. Scoreboard function allows you to play against friends and family

6.Gold coins allow you to prolong game-time and shoot baskets to double your score.


7.Silver coins change the basketball to a metal ball which enhances your chance to score. As long as the metal ball hits the backboard it’s in!

8. Hit a bird and your basketball splits into three, experience a heart-pumping game with three balls at once!

9. When cheerleaders appear, every basket automatically doubles your score

10. During the obstacle mode, sink-in the most shots in 60 seconds. Every obstacle that you defeat raises you to the next level.

11. During the challenge mode, sink-in the most shots in 90 seconds and increase your rank on the scoreboard.

12. Challenge mode offers all kinds of tools and weapons to help increase your score rapidly.




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