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Business trip in China, Studies in the USA, Business meeting with French?

Are you prepared to deal with these new cultures?

What should you know to avoid misunderstanding and faux-pas when dealing with a culture that is different from yours?

Culture Compass|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

Culture ComPass can help you!

Culture ComPass gives you useful insights towards the cultural differences that exists between countries on various levels such as values, behavior, rituals and symbols.

Culture Compass|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

More than that you will be able to compare your own background or cultural score with the score of country of your choice and get personalized and targeted guidance according to your function and country of origin.

How does it work?

You might have heard about Professor Geert Hofstede’s dimensions of national culture:

Culture Compass|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

PDI (Power distance),

IDV (Individualism),

Culture Compass|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

MAS (Masculinity),

UAI (Uncertainty avoidance),

LTO (Long term Orientation)

Culture Compass|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

If not, read more in the app or go to where you can read about them and even register for an online training to learn how to use them efficiently.

The Dimensions of National Culture give you a practical idea of the general tendencies of a culture in comparison to others. They give you a very practical insight inside the culture that you can apply to your daily life in a foreign country, when dealing with foreign clients, friends etc.

Culture Compass|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

When you open Culture Compass for the first time you will be asked to fill up a short survey. Based on your answers, your function, and your country of origin Culture ComPass will calculate your "cultural score".

You will be able to compare your "cultural score" with the scores of the country of your choice and get personalized guidance for each dimension.

Culture Compass|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

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