Beautifully produced GPS audio walks that take you beneath the surface of cities around the world. Whether you’re solo or syncing audio with friends, Detour is an entirely new way to experience places.

"The world's coolest audio guides" - WIRED


"Detour will undoubtedly change the way we look at cities" - Wanderlust Duo


"Like walking around in a movie" - Conde Nast Traveler



Location-Based: Each Detour takes place in a different iconic location. Your narrator uses your location to guide you as you walk, almost like you’re there with a real person.

Group Sync: Detour keeps group audio synced so you and your friends have a shared experience. You’ll smile, laugh, cry, all at the exact same time.

Great Content: Walk with insider narrators who were part of making history. Produced by award-winning journalists and filmmakers with cinematic sound design, taking a Detour is like walking around inside a movie.

Detour is currently available in San Francisco, with free previews available now in New York City, Austin, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Marrakech.

**Detour uses your GPS only when necessary, but please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.**

Detour is Superpowered -


Detour San Francisco is a set of 10 hour-long walks, each carefully chosen to reveal a piece of what makes San Francisco one of the most interesting and important cities in the world. On these walks, you’ll see the spots that make San Francisco famous, while hearing stories and meeting people that reveal the heart of the city.

You’ll relive the Summer of Love in Haight-Ashbury with one of the hippies that got the revolution rolling. You’ll walk through the Castro’s history with one of the men at its center, who will take you down the street where he and his bullhorn helped spark a worldwide revolution. You’ll ride a cable car through the home of the Beat Generation while Lawrence Ferlinghetti reads you poetry. You’ll go to the original home of the Jonestown Cult, with one of the few members to survive the Kool-Aid fueled mass suicide. You’ll have a drink with a drag queen in the Tenderloin’s last gay bar, as she shows you San Francisco’s most confounding neighborhood. That’s just a glimpse of what Detour has in store.

Take them in any order, on your own schedule and at your own pace. With over a dozen hours of discovery, Detour will show you a San Francisco that even natives rarely see.

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