Disney Trip Companion|玩不用錢旅遊App

Disney Trip Companion|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

The ultimate Walt Disney World® trip companion app.

Disney Trip Companion|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

Disney trip companion is your ultimate guide to a Walt Disney World® vacation. Plan your trip with our detailed resort, attraction, and restaurant descriptions and add them to your own custom daily itineraries to ensure that you don't miss a minute of the magic. While on your vacation, enjoy reminders for your dining reservations and FASTPASS® return times. New to Disney World? Don't worry, our advice engine analyzes the plan you create and offers advice specific to your trip. Don't forget to pin this app to your start screen, and watch our Live Tile countdown clock as your trip approaches!

Disney Trip Companion|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs


Disney Trip Companion|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

* Create custom trip itineraries for your Walt Disney World® vacation from our detailed database of attractions and restaurants.

* We know you're excited for your trip, so we added a trip countdown clock to our live tile!

Disney Trip Companion|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

* This app isn't just for planning. Tell us when your dining reservations and FASTPASS® return times are, and we'll set a phone reminder for you.

* Traveling with others? Easily email them the custom itinerary you've made right from the app.

Disney Trip Companion|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

* Easy access to restaurant menus and prices.

* See what's around you at the park with detailed map views overlaid with attractions and dining!

Disney Trip Companion|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

* Read advice for your *specific* trip! We analyze your trip and give you advice that's applicable to the itinerary YOU created. We also update our advice database with every new app update.

* View upcoming park hours, including Extra Magic Hours® for resort guests.

Disney Trip Companion|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

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