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Free music and song search and download. It's simple app. Just search the artists name or the song title then you can play the song, stream for it, you can download it and you can set the song as a ringtone. This app is a great source of mp3 downloads to all the free songs licensed under creative commons.

We do not maintain our own databases, therefore the app may show some non CC Licensed songs in results. This app is only the search engine app. With this Mp3 downloader app, you can search and download Mp3 files from public search engines on the web. This app is a powerful yet user-friendly and intuitive sound search engine!


- Search and download mp3 files

- Listen to the song and music on your phone

Download MP3 ♪ Pro|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

- Download and save music and songs and listen anytime

- Create songs playlists with your favorite song player

- Set songs as ringtone

- Lyrics

- Integrated mp3 player

- No limit mp3 music downloads

- Share the music url/path

- Find full length songs

- Download full mp3 songs

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