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This is a simple game and challenging all at the same time.

To play you simply tap your screen to line up your dots to match the other dots. It sounds easy because it is. But things heat up as you move along! Win in game fabulous achievements and gain massive points to climb the global leaderboard! Be the best DUO DOTs player in the world and go to the top!

Simplistic graphics and expert design make this game amazingly fun and addictive for most gamers! Spin , match, win! Do you have the reaction time to match the dots? Find out how awesome you are at matching dots!

All-ages fun gaming! Enjoy!

✔ Win achievements

Duo Dots|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

✔ Excellent physics engine

✔ Simple brilliantly created graphics

✔ Amazingly well designed control and input that puts you in the center of fun

✔ Global leaderboard for friendly competition

Duo Dots|玩解謎App免費|玩APPs

✔ Easy to understand game that will challenge your skills

✔ High quality all-ages gaming that is user friendly and totally rocks

Play DUO DOTs ! It’s fun and challenging!

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Duo Dots玩免錢App


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