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Easy Video Player|玩媒體與影片App免費|玩APPs

Unsupported formats for your videos?

HD videos unavailable in playing?

Can’t transfer files without USB cable?

Wanna keep some videos private?

Here is your answer!


1. Easy Video Player perfectly supports all popular video formats.

It is really easy and convenient for you to play your videos without troublesome conversion. Its smart core technology auto detects video formats and makes it much easier for you to enjoy smoother better quality videos.

It also enables HD video, which means you can enjoy the high quality frame anywhere just by using your phone.

Easy Video Player|玩媒體與影片App免費|玩APPs

2. Manages your videos.

Scans your phone's videos and makes you easier to manage the videos. It keeps your video playing progress and resume video's previous progress.

3. Hides videos from your video file list and keeps them private

Do you have secret videos such as sexy girl or sex videos on your phone that you don't want others to see? The "Hide Video" feature will meet your request.

4. WiFi transfer: Upload and download video files to/from your phone over a wireless connection.

Transferring files without USB cable is not a dream. WiFi Transfer is a light-weight web server that lets you upload and download files to/from your phone over a wireless connection. It doesn't require any special software on the computer so you can use it anywhere in seconds


1. All popular video formats

2. SRT, SMI plug-in subtitle and MKV embedded subtitle videos.

Easy Video Player|玩媒體與影片App免費|玩APPs

3. Multi-audio streams and multi-subtitles videos

4. Playlists and continuous play

5. Advanced media libraries and sort videos by type

6. Thumbnail displays of videos

7. Flash formats video - swf, flv videos

8. HD video playing memory optimization

9. Playing gesture

10. Codec Plugin

Easy Video Player dynamically linked to FFmpeg shared video decoding library, which was compiled to contain LGPL decoders and splitters only. Source codes can be downloaded from this website:

Easy Video Player|玩媒體與影片App免費|玩APPs


Easy Video Player|玩媒體與影片App免費|玩APPs

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