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Everyone has a sense that there is a creator and an afterlife, but there is a trend in the scientific community to undermine what has been known and accepted as fact since the dawn of man. With this application, one has the opportunity to use a bit of science and technology to prove that there are occurrences which cannot be explained away by science.

For years paranormal investigators have been using EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) sensors to detect the presence of otherworldly entities. Now this technology is literally in the palm of your hand. The natural and the supernatural combine in this android application to help you confirm for yourself that there is proof of life after death.

Entity Detector is designed to work using your Android device's EMF sensor to detect the subtle fluctuations and drastic spikes that are said to accompany a paranormal event. These readings may be caused by the EMF signature created by a paranormal entity or the everyday EMFs that surround us at all times in this electronic age.

There are two extra features to accompany this useful application.. A Photo option and an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) option. These options only become available if an entity has been detected and is within range.

1. When you feel the presence of an entity, turn on "Entity Detector" and tap "DETECT". You will see a notification confirming the entity detector is ON.

2. Slowly search the area.

3. If an entity has been detected you will feel a vibration as the EMF sensor readings pass into the range of a possible paranormal event.


4. At this point you can take a photo by tapping the "PHOTO" option. If the EMF reading returns to a normal range, the option will not work.

5. Also available, only in the presence of an entity, is the "EVP" option. Ask a yes or no question, tap the button once and you will receive a YES or NO answer.

* Until EVP data is processed by the Entity Detector app, the word "%Evpdata" will be displayed.

Remember that your own senses are the best at initially detecting a paranormal presence or entity. Entity Detector is merely a tool to confirm what you already feel and the means to communicate with an entity who may desperately be trying to communicate with you.

♥ Please remember that searching for paranormal activity in condemned or abandoned structures may be an extremely hazardous activity!!

May your search be fruitful!

Entity Detector FREE|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

Entity Detector FREE|玩工具App免費|玩APPs

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