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Everypost, Twitter & Facebook|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

Everypost is the social media publishing tool most acclaimed by content professionals and social marketers. Everypost is the easiest way to manage and post content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, tumblr, and many others social networks. Everypost provides a unique functionality that allows to post content without having a 140 characters restriction.

With Everypost now you can manage your Facebook and Google+ pages and also your Linkedin companies.

Content professionals and social marketers are using Everypost to publish their content in multiple media platforms, amplifying their reach to more channels and audiences. It doesn’t matter the format of the pictures and videos, or the length of the text, Everypost makes it possible and in an easy way.

Main features:

- Post text, photos and videos

- Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and tumblr

- Send your posts via Email. Select contacts from your address book or do it manually. That simple!

- Ability to post to Facebook pages, Google+ pages and Linkedin companies

- Sort your preferred channels

- Trending topics #hashtags

- Mentions on Twitter

- Photo quality settings

- URL shortener

- Twitter text shortener

- Ability to choose your Pinterest boards

- Ability to choose your Tumblr blogs

- Ability to choose your Google+ circles

- Search and post videos from Youtube, pictures from Flickr and music from Grooveshark

- Save posts, photos and videos in Dropbox

- Unlimited postings

- And much more coming soon!

Everypost is very different to normal scheduling and publishing apps like hootsuite, seesmic, tweetings, tweetdeck, ubersocial and buffer. With Everypost you can create personalized content for each social network and then post directly or schedule it to send later. Content is the king. Download the best publishing tool for creating better content for social media marketing.


- I’m having trouble connecting Google Plus. What should I do?

Since Google Plus has not released an official API for app developers yet, we’ve come up with our own solution, developed in-house, to allow you to post to both personal and company Google Plus pages. Here are some solutions that may help you add Google Plus:

- Google Plus will not connect because I have Google 2-Step Verification activated. You will need to disable Google 2-Step Verification in order to connect your Google Plus account to Everypost. Please visit this link on your device to disable 2-step verification:


After disabling Google 2-Step Verification,

- I’m still having problems connecting Google Plus. Some users have received an additional error, even after disabling 2-step verification. In this case, you will need to complete the Google Unlock Captcha so as to allow Everypost access to your account from a new application. Please visit this link on your device to complete the Unlock Captcha:


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Everypost, Twitter & Facebook|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

Everypost, Twitter & Facebook|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

Everypost, Twitter & Facebook|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

Everypost, Twitter & Facebook|玩社交App免費|玩APPs

玩Everypost, Twitter & Facebook APP無須任何費用

Everypost, Twitter & Facebook玩免錢App

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