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Finally you can access Public Folders and other users' personal folders on Exchange 2013, 2010 or 2007 from your Android phone and tablet. View Exchange calendars, contacts and tasks. *Requires you to install a server application on Exchange.

If you're hooked up to an Exchange account, you already know that you can only sync folders from your own mailbox. With CodeTwo Exchange Folders, you can access also other users' folders, all public contacts, calendars and tasks, as well as your own folders.


1. Install this app on your phone or tablet.

2. Ask your Exchange admin to install the server application from

Exchange Folders|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

and to enable External mobile access (just a few clicks).


** Sync Exchange Public folders and personal folders

Exchange Folders|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

Access any calendar, contact or task folder on Exchange - be it a public folder, other user's folder or a folder from your own mailbox. It also syncs non-default folders.

** Safety - encryption in transit and direct sync

There is no cloud storage between your Android device and Exchange Server. We use a secure TLS protocol to open a transfer tunnel protected by Triple DES 168-bit encryption. All items are encrypted before they hit the Internet.

** Real-time, automatic sync

Your Exchange folders are synced automatically with your Android devices. Changes can be made both on a PC and smartphone or tablet.

Exchange Folders|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

** Wireless sync

Your phones or tablets are updated wirelessly all the time via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet no matter where you are.

** HTML content in synced items

Calendar and task item descriptions are synced in HTML. All colors and font formatting are synced across all devices unchanged.

Exchange Folders|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

** Three apps in one

Upon installing the program, you will get three separate apps on your device for calendars, tasks and contacts.

** Reminders and meeting requests

Better reminder and meeting request management than in native Android apps.

** Sync selected folders

Exchange Folders|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

It's up to your admin which folders will be synced with your device, but you can also decide which of the predefined folders you want to download to your phone or tablet.

** Easy to deploy and use

Just ask your admin to install the server application on Exchange Server and to enter a unique name for an external mobile access. Enter the same name in this application on your Android device and you will be instantly connected.

** Access rights and central management

Exchange Folders|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

Your admin can fully control who can sync what with their Android. It is possible to define access rights for particular users and folders, or to let everyone from the organization access everything.

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Exchange Folders|玩商業App免費|玩APPs

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