FFmpeg 4 Android|玩不用錢程式庫與試用程式App

FFmpeg 4 Android|玩程式庫與試用程式App免費|玩APPs

Add FFmpeg support to Your application with a few lines of Java code, no need for C!

* Ver 8 is our most significant upgrade, its using FFmpeg 2.0 as its base, this will allow support for much more complex commands.

======================== Important notes =======================

* This app is mainly intended for Android developers that need to add FFMpeg support to their apps.

Please don't send use logs unless you are a developer.

* Free, out of the box, personal license.

* Developers that use OEM license will have no delays in the transcoding engine start-up, and will use the new

transcoding engine which improve performance around 40%


* It was tested on lots of devices (Phones and Tablets).

* See how easy is to do from your application:

# Video/Sound size conversion.

# Video/Sound Codec conversion.

# Video/Sound file size decrease.

# Video aspect ratio change.

FFmpeg 4 Android|玩程式庫與試用程式App免費|玩APPs

# Remove sound from video.

# Get only sound from video.

# Get MP3 audio from video

# Transcode WAV to mp3.

And a lot more...

For more information:


* Very Low OEM pricing (for developers and companies), see more info here:


* Streaming support!

* Much more simple to add support to your app, few lines of Java code (our demo client is 71 lines of Java code, no C).

* Out of the box support for background processing.

For more information read our blog post:


Tags: FFmpeg, Codecs, Sound Conversion, Video Conversion, Video Editing, libmp3lame, h264, rtp, streaming.

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