Falling Marbles|玩不用錢休閒App

Falling Marbles|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

Are you ready to test your skill with simple marbles game ?

Marbles Falling is the greatest game to test your skill.You have to control marbles box

and use your skill to release marbles into glass yes! It's a simple game but most of anyone

who play this game can't past through level 10,because if you pass to high level game'speed will

Falling Marbles|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

be increased,Do you want to try?.Marbles will make you confused and for each marbles you collect through the cup,

you are rewarded with a different score and it will dissappear if marbles miss the cup.In game mode you can choose Arcade and Survival.Arcade is so simply,you miss the glass,you loss marble and if the glass remain empty, it's gone. Survival mode you can take your time you need just aim and keep marbles. Finally if you think you’re the best share your score through Facebook.

Games Features

-Simple control just one tab

-You can share your score to socialnetwork

Falling Marbles|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

-cool design

-All Free!

Falling Marbles|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

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