The Federation International Of Grandmaster Associations is a non Politics Worldwide Federation. And our Federation authorized by IPEC National and International Personnel Certification,while promoting the best that practice assessing quality through standard for professional recognition.

Our mission and vision is to build honor, dignity , friendship and a united body for all martial artist in the world as a symbol of unification.

We welcome all Martial Arts enthusiast ,and Instructors ,Philosophers,Clubs ,Associations and Federations who wish to keep in touch with our Worldwide accredited Grandmaster International membership.


In the past, there is no any international standard for the Martial Art Associations around the world in issuing certificates. The issuing of certificates is just by own association and personal view and is not recognized internationally. Certificates have lost its value due to the fake and unrecognized certificates. Furthermore, there is a lot of Martial Art Associations has misused the title “Grandmaster” and it has lost its non-culture value.



1. Objectives

1.1. Examine Martial Art Duan Level

1.2. Examine Martial Art Grandmaster Standard

1.3. Examine Extra-ordinary Certificate Standard

1.4. To promote martial art interchange and unity of friendship


2. 目標

3. 1.1.審核武朮級段標準

4. 1.2. 審核武術宗師個人標準

5. 1.3. 審核超越優秀証書標準

6. 1.4. 促進交流和友誼團結

FIOGA is an association for sport of martial art. The establishment of FIOGA is dedicated to the promotion and development of the sport of martial arts worldwide. The objective of FIOGA is to expand & diversify the development in sport of martial art; to foster technical excellence; the establishment of communication, friendship, understanding and harmony among member chapters; the development of the minds and bodies of members; the promotion of global understanding & personal growth; and to improve the public's awareness and image in the sport of martial arts as a whole and give it the credibility and exposure that it truly deserves.


FIOGA is to establish a robust and internationally recognized “Grandmaster” status to rigorously audit the accreditation of Master Level thus to ensure the value of the certificates.

FIOGA is a non-political body nor a private sector, but a statutory body. Our main purpose is to promote World Martial Art Culture, Martial Art Philosophy of Grandmasters, internationally recognized Duan Levels, and thus to promote the unity of Martial Art Artist.



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