Free Tap Shooting Game|玩不用錢休閒App

Free Tap Shooting Game|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

Tap Shooting Game, an awesome top free shooting game, did you remember that old piece of electronic, which stated

Free Tap Shooting Game|玩休閒App免費|玩APPs

"99 games in one" famous logo, it is amongst one of them.

tap shooting, was the game amongst all of them, which we use to play frequently.

good old days isnt it??

tap shooting is a free android game available on playstore where blocks regenerate infinitely and continuously run down towards you, keep shooting and firing at these blocks before they reach you.

watch out as level number increases, the blocks will run towards you fast & faster, it would be challenging , for how much time you can hold them before you are dead.

Enjoy Tapping :)

P.S : Don't Worry About The Ammunition They Are Unlimited :D

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