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It is G cup enormous breast to Lori Faith!! The beauty in the bud of a teary-eyed pupil, kana Tsuruta's second phase!!

Beautiful long hair, pretty face and the bold sexy shot of the beauty in the bud of a G cup beauty enormous breast ♪♪

miracle that fruited heavily are full loads!!

Having prepared this time adds to the "Normal" card of a careful selection best shot, and they are three types of a still more precious shot "rare" card and the "special" card of a further further overly precious treasure shot!

putting in coin and only transferring Gatsha -- cute & -- a sexy card can be got.

Moreover, since coin will be added if time is formed even if coin is lost, a card is got any number of times.

Excitement does not stop at lovely BODY which he wears a face and is too sexy!!

I will all collect the treasuring sexy cards which took a powerful photo of a flexible body which melts from a top to the bottom, and will carry out comp!!


Gal PON!! Kana Tsuruta|玩紙牌App免費|玩APPs

Tsuruta kana

T152cm B90cm (G cup) W58cm H89cm

Birth date : December 12, 1992

A hobby and special ability : Rhythmic gymnastics

(C) キントーン Japan / Lynx-contents

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Content rating: High Maturity

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