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Garageband '11 101|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

This course app packs 75 video tutorials on GarageBand!

In this course, Scott Freiman pulls Apple’s GarageBand (GB) into his virtual “garage” and, with a NASCAR mechanic’s passion for detail, shows you how this fine-tuned, hybrid DAW works.

You know, GB is designed to get you to the music fast! In the first section Scott puts the pedal to the metal by building a tune from scratch. Watching Scott make his musical decisions gives you a roadmap to learn all the fundamentals: from creating the first note to the final exported track!

From there, Scott accelerates into the workspace. You’ll learn all about the timeline, navigation (no GPS in this release...), the Inspector, the Media Browser and the Notepad. Next you’re upshifting into the loops and the awesome new “Flex” tool that can make any recorded audio fit right to the beat!

Speaking of audio, Scott cranks the subwoofer to talk about recording audio tracks while plugging in the included virtual amps and pedalboard. From there he makes a hairpin turn into the world of MIDI and software instruments where he covers all the basics of editing, quantization and the Score Editor.

He then screams down the last straightaway to cover all the cool things you can do while arranging and mixing. Finally, Scott gives you the checkered flag as you cross the GarageBand finish line by learning how to make your own podcasts and movie scores!

This Garageband ’11 tutorial by Scott Freiman is not to be missed!

Table of Contents:

1. Welcome to GarageBand

2. What We Won’t Be Covering

3. Setting Up GarageBand

4. The Main Window

5. A Look at Regions

6. Creating a Song

7. Composing with Loops

8. Adding More Loops

9. Cycling

10. Working with Regions

11. Recording a Software Instrument

12. Changing Instruments

13. Onscreen Keyboard

14. Musical Typing

15. Recording a Real Instrument

16. Recording Guitar

17. Exporting Your Song

18. Saving Your Song

19. The LCD

20. The Timeline

21. Moving Around

22. More About Tracks

23. Split and Join

24. Grid and Guides

25. The Track Inspector

26. The Region Editor

27. Locking Tracks

28. The Media Browser

29. The Notepad

30. More About Loops

31. More About the Loop Browser

32. Transposing Audio

33. Modifying Browser Buttons

34. Working In the Region Editor

35. Tuning Audio

36. The Flex Tool

37. More About the Region Editor

38. Quantizing Audio

39. Adding an Accent

40. Transposing Multiple Regions

41. Setting Up to Record Audio

42. Choosing a Bass Amp

43. Recording the Bass

44. Setting Up to Record Guitar

45. Choosing a Guitar Amp

46. Using Pedals

47. Recording Guitar

48. Multitrack Recording

49. Cycle Recording

50. Comping Audio

51. Importing and Exporting Audio

52. Groove Matching

53. Recording Software Instruments

54. Cycle Recording With Software Instruments

55. Editing Software Instruments

56. Editing Controller Data

57. Creating Software Loops

58. More About Quantization

59. The Score Editor

60. More About Cut, Copy, and Paste

61. Using Audio Unit Instruments

62. Importing MIDI Files

63. Insert Effects

64. Send and Master Effects

65. The Arrangement Track

66. More About the Arrangement Track

67. Creating a Rough Arrangement

68. Creating a Rough Mix

69. Automating Volume and Panning

70. Automating Effects

71. The Master Track

72. Sharing Your Song

73. Working With Movies

74. Creating a Podcast

75. Thanks for Watching!

Garageband '11 101|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

Garageband '11 101|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

Garageband '11 101|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

Garageband '11 101|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

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