Gladiator Shootout|玩不用錢街機App

Gladiator Shootout|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Enter the Arena O’ Gladiator. Your weapon of choice for this Arena is a Gun.

Shoot Down your enemies and claim victory.

But be wise O’ Gladiator, this arena will challenge your wits more than your strength.

With your shooting skills, destroy all enemies in as little ammo as possible.

Good strategy and accurate aim will win you mastery at each level.

Features :

Complete 20 Levels of mind boggling puzzles.

Apply strategy and shooting skills to score more.

Shoot down all enemies to finish a level and.

Gladiator Shootout|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Bullets bounce off the Arena walls, so you can kill multiple enemies with one bullet.

Defeat multiple enemies in a single shot and win mastery stars and bonus scores.

Unique Combination of age old Gladiator fight and new age Shooting battle.

New Social Features:

Create your Game Profile and add a cool Avatar.

Add Friends and send them Challenges.

Make a High Score and post it on Global Leader board.

Play more and score more to achieve bragging rights.

Controls :

Gladiator Shootout|玩街機App免費|玩APPs

Touch the screen to move the Cross-Hair and target the enemies.

Release to shoot.

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