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Gmail label speaker will speak the name of the label when you receive a new email in your Google mail account. It will work best if you have Gmail filter your emails into Gmail labels. e.g. create a rule so that all of your Facebook notifications get placed under a Facebook label, or so that your friends' emails get placed under a Friends label.

If an email arrives in your inbox it will simply announce 'Inbox', or if an email appears under multiple labels it will announce each label. You can create aliases or ignore labels.

Gmail Label Speaker|玩通訊App免費|玩APPs

This works for phones that have multiple Google accounts. You can specify an alias so you know which account is receiving mail. You can also ignore accounts.


- This app requires the Android text to speech engine to be installed. So far the 2 star rating is because the 'voice is ugly', but it's only ever going to sound as good as Android's text to speech engine

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