Horror Prank - Scary 2016|玩不用錢漫畫App

Horror Prank - Scary 2016|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

HORROR PRANK is a an application that allows you to joke with friends this is a practical joke ,

It looks like a game but it's more ,

would you like to fear your friends ?

If you are a prankster, this application is just for you .

You have so many ways to scare your friends and family

Horror Prank - Scary 2016|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

- 1 THE WIERD CALL : Select the timer, pass a phone to a friend. and asked him to answer .Your friend will be scared as never before , the best thing

it is recorded automatically with a video

- 2 the cutest pet : request your friends to play with the kitten and wait

just 5 minutes and watch the reaction of your friends

it's very scary and fun at the same time ;

Horror Prank - Scary 2016|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

- 3 the magic selfie : you can make fantastic jokes to your friends, invite them to do a selfie with you. After shooting the picture a monstrous face will appear , so tell us the reaction of your friends mouahahahahaha

Set the volume in your smartphone to the max

- 4 The effect will be better if the test will take place in a quiet, preferably as a dark place

- 5 It is recommended that the maximum brightness of the screen

this is a scary games that can share with your friends,

your family, your children,

Horror Prank - Scary 2016|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

and they make a lot of fun

don't forget to memorize every ting and save the video

People with heart disease can't play this game ! So please payattention

Horror Prank - Scary 2016|玩漫畫App免費|玩APPs

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Horror Prank - Scary 2016玩免錢App

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