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Human anatomy and physiology application is ideal for medical, nursing, dental, allied health students and the interns preparing for post-graduate (PG) entrance exam. The online solutions include sciencedirect, scopus, reaxys, clinicalkey, nursing suite, clinical learning which enhance the productivity of science and health professionals, which help research and health care institutions deliver better outcomes more cost effectively. This app can be quite challenging for students to understand important and difficult concepts related to the mechanism of the body. Human anatomy and physiology, and ace any test with the ultimate home study course – guaranteed to give you the education that you need, faster than you ever dreamed possible! The complete app includes cells, tissues and all body systems, dissectible model sets, illustrations. Learn Anatomy and Physiology in the easy way.


* Anatomy and physiology reference for the students

* Self-paced learning; Access 24x7, anytime, anywhere


* Human Skin Anatomy

* Liver Anatomy

* Human Anatomy Organs

* Human skeleton system

Human Anatomy and Physiology|玩書籍App免費|玩APPs

* Human Muscular System

* Brain Anatomy

* Trachea Anatomy

* Lungs Anatomy

* Pancreas Anatomy

* Gallbladder Anatomy

* Human Organ System

* Heart Anatomy

* Anatomy Human Stomach

* Cell physiology

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Human Anatomy and Physiology玩免錢App

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