I am BIG 2 (锄大地/大佬二)|玩不用錢博奕App

I am BIG 2  (锄大地/大佬二)|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

#1 Multi-Player BIG2 (锄大地/大佬二) mobile game in Singapore and Malaysia


Free to install and play

Developed by a team of passionate BIG2 fanatics from Singapore and Malaysia

Simple and Intuitive User-interface

I am BIG 2  (锄大地/大佬二)|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

Level up fast and progress to achieve the “BIG2” Avatar

New Features and game-play will be unlocked at higher lobbies.

★Currently, game level is capped at Spade 9. We welcome our fans to suggest to us what they hope to see in higher levels.

★Fun Team Play with your friends to compete with other teams coming soon.

Fun Combination Multipliers with Card Points Multipliers

1. Combination Multipliers

Straight/Flush – Winnings X 2

Full House – Winnings X 3

I am BIG 2  (锄大地/大佬二)|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

4-of-a-Kind – Winnings X 4

Straight Flush – Winnings X 5

2. Card Points Multiplier

More than 5 cards (6-10 cards) – Cards Points X 2

I am BIG 2  (锄大地/大佬二)|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

More than 10 cards (11-12 cards) – Cards Points X 3

13 Cards – Cards Points X 5

Strategize properly - when to play those 5-cards combinations.

I am BIG 2  (锄大地/大佬二)|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

Maximize your winnings when you have a good hand and minimize your losses when you have a lousy hand.

Good Strategies and Play will bring you to the top in the long run.

I am BIG 2  (锄大地/大佬二)|玩博奕App免費|玩APPs

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