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J-pop Karaoke will help you to sing your favourite songs while you have fun with your friends at the local karaoke bar.

In this application you can find great number of J-pop lyrics. This application does not contain audio or video. It only contains the lyrics, the title and the name of the artist.

You can search by artist name, song title or excerpt from the lyrics. There is a section called Top 50 Songs. You can vote up or vote down for a song using the thumb up and the thumb down buttons.

This application does not intend to violate the trademark of the music companies. Please contact us at the e-mail if you have objections to the publications.

J-pop Karaoke (JPOP)|玩音樂App免費|玩APPs

All lyrics are property of their authors and the company they are represented by. All lyrics in this applications are for entertainment and educational purposes.

Please support the artists and their companies. Buy the original CDs, MP3s, videos and merchandise.

The sole purpose of this application is to delight the end user.

This application has ads that comply with Google Play Policy. They are needed to cover the costs of maintenance of the application and to keep it free for the end user. Ads do not install new icons or banners in the notification bar.

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