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At Jukebox, we provide our customers the opportunity to enjoy special moment reminiscent of years gone by. We serve classic, tasty food and treat our guests so that they have a memorable time with us.

Our App will let you in on special deals, our menu and many other options. Find out about our catering services and how you can set up your own parties in our place. We're all about bringing back memories and creating new ones.

- View our entire menu on-the-go

- See our schedule and upcoming events

- Follow us on our integrated Facebook and Twitter pages

- Submit photos of yourself at Jukebox to display on the app gallery

Jukebox Burgers|玩娛樂App免費|玩APPs

- Find places of interest nearby

- Use the conveniently simple tip calculator anytime

- Get one-touch calling to Jukebox Burgers

- Earn loyalty coupons and specials

- Share with others on our Testimonials Wall

- Suggest ways on how we can improve and serve you better

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