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There’s a new Jungle Surfers Hero World, Jungle Surfers Hero World is Fun Game with the vector image Boy want to steal all coins and point, please help him to get more points. it’s just Jungle Surfers Hero World. No need to explain how this will remind you of our favorite plumber but it’s definitely another 8 bit style game the older geeks will appreciate. Retro gaming is still high in demand, at least, among the Generation X-ers who would like to introduce their past to the Millenials.

For each world I have tried to stick to a theme while attempting to make each level feel unique, I hope you will enjoy playing these levels.

As a hidden bonus, I have placed a special hidden Mega Mushroom in each stage, can you find them all!?

Jungle Surfers Hero World fans are complaining that their creations are being removed from the game tinder without a reason or explanation.

This has happened before but fans knew that it was for the dragon stages that had glitches.

The company should explain to the fans of that they have changed the process. If not, they should still tell them about the stages and why they are being removed from the game. A few months ago, gamers were told that the stages with glitches would be removed.

In heat jungle, Titan must pass so much guitar threats to run to target world. On his road,

You are the first person gaming experience emotional and exciting. You will enjoy adventures full of danger with. The game has a lot of traps, monsters, and unexpected situations through each level that we have built.

In heat jungle, he must pass so much threats to run to target world. The boy can jump, run and Titan can use weapon to kill monster but weapon is hidden in somewhere on the jungle to kill all enemies on the way.


Jungle Surfers Hero World|玩益智App免費|玩APPs

• Wonderful high-resolution graphics

• Easy, intuitive controls

• 45 levels

• 28 items and abilities 

• 12 cunning opponents 

• 12 challenging final enemies 

• 9 different worlds

• Rankings for you and your friends

• Classic platform game style

We hope you enjoy the free game.

Have fun!! :)

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