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Situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of southwestern India, the state of Kerala is given a tagline of ‘God’s Own Country’. Kerala is considered to be one of the tourists’ destinations with the highest brand recall. The state has been honored as ‘One of the top ten paradises of the world’ by National Geographic Traveler. Renowned for its ecotourism initiative, the state is nature-gifted with hills, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters and other picturesque beauties.

Kerala Tour application for Windows Phone offers the tourist very useful information about the sightseeing places across the state. The application has good information about the state as well as the cities and places that are hot tourist destinations.

When tapped on a particular place, it shows the monuments and other sightseeing places within. The application for Kerala Tourism is based on Windows platform and is designed in a very user-friendly way. Easy to navigate and simple to access, this software does not require any special tool.

Kerala Tour|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

Special Features

1. All-in-one Kerala Tourism application

2. Handy and easy to navigate

3. Description, history and pictures of sightseeing places

Kerala Tour|玩旅遊App免費|玩APPs

4. Accurate route and transportation to get there on the place

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